New WordPress plugin “Nivo Image Slider”

Nivo Image Slider is a WordPress Image slider based on Nivo Slider to display image slider on post, page or theme. It’s an easy, simple & responsive slider, which looks awesome in every single theme.

Single Slider for a site

Just create your slides from the Slider menu & paste the following shortcode where you want to display this slider:

[all-nivoslider theme='default|dark|light|bar']

For example: if you want to add ‘light’ theme just write as following code

[all-nivoslider theme='light']

Or you can paste following to add slider to your theme:

<?php echo do_shortcode("[all-nivoslider theme='light']"); ?>

Multiple Slider for a site

If you want to use multiple slider at diffrent page or post at your theme write the following code

[nivo-slider][nivoslides image_link=''][/nivo-slider]

Inside [nivo-slider], you can add id=”” to make it unique and you can add theme by adding theme=”” and the value of theme that you can use is ‘default’, ‘dark’, ‘light’ or ‘bar’ as following

[nivo-slider id='unique-1' theme='default'][/nivo-slider]
[nivo-slider id='unique-2' theme='dark'][/nivo-slider]
[nivo-slider id='unique-3' theme='light'][/nivo-slider]
[nivo-slider id='unique-4' theme='bar'][/nivo-slider]

Repeat “[nivoslides image_link=”]” as many image as you want. Inside image_link=” put you image link like “;

Inside [nivoslides image_link=”], you can also add

alt=”” to add alternative text,

caption=”” to add caption to slide like this

[nivoslides image_link='' alt='' caption='']

If you still need help, you can watch the youtube video

You can download the plugin from here.