New WordPress Portfolio plugin “Filterable Portfolio”

Filterable Portfolio is WordPress Portfolio plugin to display portfolio images or gallery with filtering feature to your site.


After installing and activating the plugin, a new custom post type called “Portfolios” will appear at your WordPress Admin area. Just create your Portfolio from the “Portfolios” menu & paste the following shortcode where you want to display this Portfolio:

[filterable_portfolio thumbnail='' prettyphoto_theme='']

The value of thumbnail='' can be from 1 to 6

The value of prettyphoto_theme='' can be default, dark_rounded, dark_square, light_rounded, light_square or facebook

So if you want to show three thumbnail with prettyphoto facebook theme, your shortcode should look like the following:

[filterable_portfolio thumbnail='3' prettyphoto_theme='facebook']

You can see this youtube video for more help.

New WordPress plugin “Nivo Image Slider”

Nivo Image Slider is a WordPress Image slider based on Nivo Slider to display image slider on post, page or theme. It’s an easy, simple & responsive slider, which looks awesome in every single theme.

Single Slider for a site

Just create your slides from the Slider menu & paste the following shortcode where you want to display this slider:

[all-nivoslider theme='default|dark|light|bar']

For example: if you want to add ‘light’ theme just write as following code

[all-nivoslider theme='light']

Or you can paste following to add slider to your theme:

<?php echo do_shortcode("[all-nivoslider theme='light']"); ?>

Multiple Slider for a site

If you want to use multiple slider at diffrent page or post at your theme write the following code

[nivo-slider][nivoslides image_link=''][/nivo-slider]

Inside [nivo-slider], you can add id=”” to make it unique and you can add theme by adding theme=”” and the value of theme that you can use is ‘default’, ‘dark’, ‘light’ or ‘bar’ as following

[nivo-slider id='unique-1' theme='default'][/nivo-slider]
[nivo-slider id='unique-2' theme='dark'][/nivo-slider]
[nivo-slider id='unique-3' theme='light'][/nivo-slider]
[nivo-slider id='unique-4' theme='bar'][/nivo-slider]

Repeat “[nivoslides image_link=”]” as many image as you want. Inside image_link=” put you image link like “;

Inside [nivoslides image_link=”], you can also add

alt=”” to add alternative text,

caption=”” to add caption to slide like this

[nivoslides image_link='' alt='' caption='']

If you still need help, you can watch the youtube video

You can download the plugin from here.

10 Shortcuts Of Facebook on Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular and safe internet browser. If you are a Facebook user, you should know the keyboard shortcuts of Facebook on Mozilla Firefox. If you don’t know, don’t worry. Let see. What are these?

  1. For New Message ( Shift+Alt+M )
  2. For Home Page ( Shift+Alt+1 )
  3. For Profile Page ( Shift+Alt+2 )
  4. To Manage Friends List ( Shift+Alt+3 )
  5. For Notification Page ( Shift+Alt+5 )
  6. For Account Settings ( Shift+Alt+6 )
  7. For Privacy Settings ( Shift+Alt+7 )
  8. For Facebook Fun Page ( Shift+Alt+8 )
  9. For Facebook Terms ( Shift+Alt+9 )
  10. For Help Center ( Shift+Alt+0 )

How to Generate Twitter API key, API secret, Access token, Access token secret

To use Twitter counter widget and other Twitter related widgets, you need OAuth access keys. To get Twitter Access keys, you need to create Twitter Application which is mandatory to access Twitter.

Go to and log in, if necessary. You will get a page as following


Enter your Application Name, Description and your website address. You can leave the callback URL empty.

Accept the TOS, and solve the CAPTCHA if necessary. Submit the form by clicking the Create your Twitter Application


Now click on “API Keys”. You will get a new page as following.


Now click on “Create my access token” and you will get a new page as following.


Keep your API key, API secret, Access token, Access token secret at a save place to use on your website later.