10 Shortcuts Of Facebook on Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular and safe internet browser. If you are a Facebook user, you should know the keyboard shortcuts of Facebook on Mozilla Firefox. If you don’t know, don’t worry. Let see. What are these?

  1. For New Message ( Shift+Alt+M )
  2. For Home Page ( Shift+Alt+1 )
  3. For Profile Page ( Shift+Alt+2 )
  4. To Manage Friends List ( Shift+Alt+3 )
  5. For Notification Page ( Shift+Alt+5 )
  6. For Account Settings ( Shift+Alt+6 )
  7. For Privacy Settings ( Shift+Alt+7 )
  8. For Facebook Fun Page ( Shift+Alt+8 )
  9. For Facebook Terms ( Shift+Alt+9 )
  10. For Help Center ( Shift+Alt+0 )

How to Generate Twitter API key, API secret, Access token, Access token secret

To use Twitter counter widget and other Twitter related widgets, you need OAuth access keys. To get Twitter Access keys, you need to create Twitter Application which is mandatory to access Twitter.

Go to https://dev.twitter.com/apps/new and log in, if necessary. You will get a page as following


Enter your Application Name, Description and your website address. You can leave the callback URL empty.

Accept the TOS, and solve the CAPTCHA if necessary. Submit the form by clicking the Create your Twitter Application


Now click on “API Keys”. You will get a new page as following.


Now click on “Create my access token” and you will get a new page as following.


Keep your API key, API secret, Access token, Access token secret at a save place to use on your website later.

How to get facebook API Key

Follow to simple steps to acquire the API key:

1.Login into your Facebook account.

2.Then go to Facebook Developer application and click on the Apps Link


3.Click on Create New App and new window will come as following and enter the App name and other details and click on Create App


4.Then go to the Apps Page by clicking here or click on App Option on the top navigation bar,then choose the app you have created and you can see the API key and the App secret key below the Settings Label.


Now that you know how to acquire the Facebook API key and secret number, you can start using facebook connect and other developer tools.